Is the Whole 30 diet right for you? Here are some things to keep in mind when you try an elimination diet.

Whole 30

Whole30 promises life changing results. Behind Whole30 is the idea that certain foods leads to digestive system issues and less energy. To help with these issues, Whole30 strips these foods from your diet for 30 days to let your body heal while promising that you will feel like a new person.

Rules: For 30 days eliminate sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, junk food, and added ingredients such as MSG, sulfites and carrageenan from your diet. Include moderate portions of meat, seafood, eggs, fruits, plenty of vegetables and healthy fats.

The diet plan discourages snacking between meals, encourages three meals a day and sticking to the plan 100% of the time for 30 days. After completing the 30 days, the diet encourages you to reintroduce foods slowly with elimination of foods that bother you.

The good and the bad: The plan encourages dieters consume whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables—no need to buy any special foods or food products, which is good. The plan is heavy on meat and poultry since all grains and vegetarian sources of protein such as dairy, beans and legumes are eliminated. This can be hard to follow especially if following a plant-based diet. Forgoing legumes, beans and dairy can also leave you short of key nutrients since these are extremely nutritious foods. Since this plan can be challenging to follow unless you plan on making all the meals (to be followed 100% of the time with no cheating) it can be rough at social gatherings.

Verdict: Whole30 is geared towards finding foods that can be bothersome to energy and digestive issues, but is widely used for weight loss. The elimination diet is best followed with guidance from a professional. As always, check with your physician that there isn’t something else going on before you follow a strict elimination of numerous nutrients for a long period of time. This diet program lacks scientific merit, so its not a diet to be followed “forever”.

Losing weight is as easy and simple as it is difficult and complicated. To lose weight you need to pay attention to calories in and calories out along with increasing activity.

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